Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pushing the Carts

Coming back from a week off (not a planned week off) and heading into another week off (this one oh-so planned), I am finding it hard to concentrate. Let alone think creatively about issues facing libraries and the future of the book world.

So, with that being said, I think this week should be about fun things! Librarians are often portrayed as sticklers for the rules, uptight shhhh-ers, but that is certainly not the case. Even we need to find ways to occupy our more... uh... down moments.

Here is a great link to the application for the ALA Book Cart Drill Championship contest that my friend Brenda pointed out. Now being an expert Book Cart Driller - that is some dedication to our craft!

An example of the high caliber work, from last year, that may have graced the championship hall last weekend...

This past June, during the Pride Parade in Seattle, I was so excited to see the Seattle Public library put on quite a show with their amazing feats of synchronized showmanship... a little clip I found... Go home team!

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  1. Thanks for the insights, Heather - I knew I'd want to see this through your eyes.