Friday, July 17, 2009

The First Words in Ghostbusters... "HAAAAA!"

Oh, vacation is so close... I and the stack of books on my coffee table are longing for some serious, quality time together. The hopes of profound thoughts next week are making my current thoughts a bit lazy.

However, earlier this week, I was working on one of my summer projects in the basement archives, elbow deep in dust, mold, other things - all of which should not be in an archive, but are. I was pushing a large book cart down the dark stacks when it suddenly hit me! What I had been thinking about without knowing it... the whisper of deja vu I had been fighting to name.... I was living the opening scene from Ghostbusters!

What? You don't remember that pivotal scene in the best movie ever made?

Well, not to give too much away, it involves a librarian, a basement, a ghost. But there was something about the sound of the cart I was pushing, the dimness of the overhead lights, the oldness of the books that brought it all back.

Something that the videos I've been watching lately (we are redoing our Orientation Video, so there is a lot of YouTube-ing going on) have made me think about is the traditional stereotypes of a librarian and his/her work. From time to time, these versions are right - like in Ghostbusters, but not always.

Though I have been a bit video heavy this week (remember, I am lazy), I couldn't resist sharing this clever one.

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  1. lol

    Ah yes, librarians and their obsession with quietness!

    I just watched Ghostbusters a few days ago, the opening scene is quite funny. "Get her!"