Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cleaning out my Bookmarks

Anyone who has seen my work computer knows how clean and tidy I keep it. I have very few shortcuts, everything is in thematic rows, and that is the way I like it.

However... I have a very dark secret. There is one part of my computer that gets messier by the day - my Firefox toolbar. Anytime I come across an article or site that I want to come back to, I just dump it in that friendly spot... so much so that it overflows into a drop down menu that takes the whole length of my screen.

My personal bookmarks are organized well at home - in tidy folders in my favorites menu, but work is a different story.

What do you use? Delicious does not really fit the bill, and CiteULike is for reference work. Any thoughts?

RESOLVED: To clean out my taskbar... next week! Good plan!