Friday, June 26, 2009


He has done it again! Steven Harris of Collections 2.0 has come out and said, in a much more exact and succinct manner, exactly what I would love to say about the future of newspapers. In fact, I was working on a post which is now rendered null and void because all it requires is a link... "Newspaper Nostalgia."

There, now you have it! Go read it.

I like the idea of newspapers, in the format that we now know them, as being the best use of the medium. However, now that we have different mediums, we need to make the best use of them. Long, thin articles are great for skimming on a cheap piece of paper, but they reek havoc on the screen.

Perhaps I am a bit bias - one of my summer jobs in college was to hang newspapers on those long bamboo poles, getting ink on my fingers and clothes.

I think I would take nicely to sitting at my table in the morning, drinking my coffee, and reading the paper on my kindle. I'd take very nicely to that indeed.

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