Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've never Tweeted before. Never. I really don't get it - and that is coming from someone who successfully downloaded the Windows 7 beta (yeah, it really has nothing to do with tweeting, but I am just so proud of myself!).

However, I just read a blog entry from Collections 2.0 called "Talking or Listening," and I am convinced that I have to finally give in.

In this entry, Steven Harris suggests many different ways Twitter can be an asset to a Library. Personally, one idea stuck out - Twittering the new books we have added to our collection! Something like that would be an easy way to remind our loyal patrons that we are here.

As he is quick and correct to point out, the goal of a library is to get the patrons engaged in a conversation with us. This is not something Twitter can do. Twitter seems more a way to remind people that we are here to talk. The next step of actually coming in is up to them.

But again, I have never Twittered. My goal for the month is to get an account and see what all the fuss is all about so I can judge it more fairly. Maybe, like Steven, my skepticism will change to adoration.

**** UPDATE: Username is HeatherVM - follow me, I have no followers!!!****

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